Chafes and grazes of the harness/sporting equipment and friction burns

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SOLHEDS natural products in the management of chafes and grazes

Chafes can be due to mechanical stress. The sporting equipment is usually the cause of mechanical chafes. These can develop into severe injuries if they go unnoticed . Equipment such as saddle straps, saddle and harness can cause permanent injuries. The sooner the chafe is detected and treated, the better the treatment outcome. The affected area will need to be healed before the equipment can be used again. The problematic equipment must be adjusted or mended so that it suits the animal before next use. Unattended can chafes get infected and should then be treated as instructed in skin infections.

Check that the equipment fits the animal correctly. Scratched chafes can be washed with Derma1 skin care shampoo. Apply Derma2 calming serum after shampooing on clean and dry skin, if the skin is intact, Derma2 can be applied directly. To avoid chafes due to sporting equipment (e.g. crupper, boots), you can apply Derma10 Heel Balm under the equipment.

Long lasting mechanical stress ( rug, own weight on elbows, spurs) can easily develop into hardening of the skin, resulting in hairloss. The skin resembles the look of elephant skin.  For broken down, exposed skin, elephant skin, Derma5 Germ Fighting cream is ideal.  For intact hard skin Derma10 Heel Balm is ideal. Apply Derma5 or Derma10 on clean and dry hardened skin daily. Derma2 serum is an excellent base cream for reconditioning of the skin after skin damage and for renewal of hair growth. Derma9 Luxury shine & care reduces friction e.g. off the rug. It also provides moisture and care for hair and skin.

Information on product safety of animal care products can be found here.