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McLean Reitsport

Carolina ja Warwick McLean/McLean Reitsport

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We always wash our horses with Derma4 Gentle shampoo, it makes our horses shiny and clean and also improves their skin and coat. Our most used product is Derma9 Luxury shine&care, we spray our horses tails every day to keep them clean and tanglefree!

Instagram: mcleanreitsport

Eirin Losvik

Event rider

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My favourite Solheds product is Derma10 Heel Balm. It works magic both on my horse’s hooves and keeps the corner of his mouth from being dry. Sometimes I even use it as lip balm for myself.

Fanny Martinsson

Competition rider

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My favourite product is Derma12 Finishing Oil. I use it every day and it really is applicable to all care. Summer time favourite is Derma3 Summer Deo, which keeps the horses flyfree even in warm weather.

Jessica Grönlund

Finnhorse rider

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Our favorite product is Derma9 Luxury shine&care. My horse’s Masa’s base of mane is dry and flaky. Derma9 spray keeps the skin healthy. I also use Derma9 spray in my own long hair to avoid “helmet”hair and to keep my hair tangle free.

Leena Vähä-Erkkilä

carriage driver and level -II coach

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I regularily use most products. SOLHEDS Derma-products are part of our daily grooming routine. My favourites are Derma6 wound oil and Derma2 calming serum. Some horses are more accident prone than others and our Tessa is one of these horses!  Solheds Derma wound oil is a perfect product for these mishaps.

In addition Derma2 calming serum is a must in our grooming bag  for treating summer itching and any chafes or rug rubs.

Mia Kainulainen

Competition rider and trainer

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I love all solheds products! To choose one favourite is difficult, but live without Derma1, Derma2, Derma11, Derma12 and Derma10 would be very difficult.  I can not choose just one favourite. I love the scent of the products. I use Derma1 & Derma4 to wash my horses. Derma2 serum and Derma11 anti itch for itchy skin, Derma12 for hooves and to gain extra shine on horse’s face prior competition. Derma10 heel balm is excellent on Rampe’s cracks on hooves.

Arnella Nyman

Icelandic horse rider

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I use Derma4 shampoo and Derma9 spray to keep Thors’ hair, tail and mane shiny through competition season. Lausn’s sensitive skin is kept soft and healthy with Derma2 serum.

Instagram: @arnella