Data protection

1. Entity holding the registry

Tilla Oy (VAT FI25641816)
Korpitie 81
Tel: +358 40 5100 656
Web page: https://www.solheds.com

2. Contact information

Tel: +358 40 5100 656
E-mail: info@solheds.com

3. Name of the registry

Customer registry of Tilla Oy

4. Reason for creating a registry

The purpose of creating or developing the registry is to enable legimate customer contacts, communication and development and management of the customer relationship. Business and prodcuct planning and development of Tilla Oy are behind the creation/development of the registry.

5. Content of the registry

Information saved in the registry:
Basic information like name and contact information (telephone, email address, postal address)

6. Source of the information

Legitimate information sources used are: different directories, registeries and other public information sources, such as credit card registeries. Registry can be updated from authorised sourcing services. During the customer relationship, information is collected directly from the customers and through questionaries.

Legitimate information sources used are: different directories, registries and other public information sources , such as credit card registries. Registry can be updated from authorised sourcing services. During the customer relationship, information is collected directly from the customers and through questionnaries.

7. Rights of the registered person

The registered person has the following rights and the requests  to use the information should be send to info@solheds.com

Right to inspect

Registered person can inspect the recorded personal information

Right to correct the information

Registered person can ask for correction if their information is false or insufficient

Right to oppose

Registered person can oppose the management  of their personal data, if the personal information has been illegally managed.

Refusal of direct marketing

Registered person has the right to refuse direct marketing.

Right for removal

Registered person has the right to ask for the removal of his/hers data, in case the handling of  if  the data is not necessary.  The request to remove data will be evaluated and removed unless there is a justifiable reason for keeping the data. Decision will be communicated to the person/persons requesting the removal of their data.

It is worth noting that the registry holder can have legal or other obligation to keep the data. Registry holder is obligated to store  data for book keeping ten (10) years, Finnish book keeping law (section 2, 10§)

Withdrawal of the consent

If the personal data management is based upon consent, instead of customer relationship or membership, the registered person can withdraw the consent.

Registered person can appeal on the decision to the data protection authority.

Registered person has the right to demand for restricted use of his/hers data during the process and prior decision.

Right to appeal

Registered person has the right  to appeal to  the data protection authority, if he/she thinks that registry holder breaks the valid data protection law. 

Contact information for data protection authority: www.tietosuoja.fi/fi/index/yhteystiedot.html

8. Release of the information

Tilla Oy may release the data  within the limits of the valid legislation. As a rule the information is not released to third parties. Information is not transferred outside European Union or outside European economic area, unless it is necessary due to the execution of the relevant purpose of the company.Tietoja ei siirretä Euroopan unionin tai Euroopan talousalueen ulkopuolelle, ellei se ole asiakkuuteen tai muuhun asialliseen yhteyteen liittyvän palvelun toteuttamisen vuoksi tarpeellista.

9. Protection of the registry

Tilla Oy organises data protection of the registry by commonly accepted standards and seeks to prevent irrelevant access to registry by technical solutions and by regular maintenance of the manual data.

Only the person responsible of Tilla Oy and employees of the companies working on request and on behalf of Tilla Oy, have the access to the registry. Access to the electronical data base requires username and password given by person responsible of the registry. Only authorised people have access to the registry. Tilla Oy stores the personal and other data on the registry as long as it evaluates it necessary. The data is destroyed when no longer required.