Derma10 Heel Balm


Derma10 is a waterless cream for horses, dogs and cats. It is used for treatment of the skin, hooves and paw pads.


Derma10 is a water-free cream cream for horses, dogs and cats. It provides protection for dogs’ paw pads in extreme stress (agility, hunting). Derma10 cream is absorbed well and enhances the renewal of skin in injured and cracked paw pads. Derma10 is also used as a horses’ hoof moisturizer. Derma10 assists in maintaining the normal moisture balance of the hoof wall and provides beautiful shine without impairing the hooves’ own normal function.

Derma10 is an excellent natural choice when the need is for thicker “parafine/vaseline” based cream. E.g. hardening of the skin and corner of the mouth.

Instructions: Apply on paw pads prior excessive strain/activity and again in the evening before night time. Apply on horses’ hooves when required, often the need is limited to around coronet band.

Contains no FEI prohibited substances.

Storage: +10 – 25°C

RSP: 19€ (incl. 24% VAT)

Ingredients: Sheabutter, Flaxseed oil, Seabuckthorne, Rosemary, Mint, Argan, Plant derived Glycerin

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