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Antiseptic Derma1 Skin Care Shampoo is for cleaning skin problems in dogs and horses (e.g. allergic and inflamed skin).


Derma1 is made of pure and natural ingredients. Derma1 is a proven and effective antiseptic shampoo for skin problems in dogs and horses. Derma1 shampoo helps in the management of itchy, allergic and inflamed skin. These animals frequently have different skin issues e.g. cuts and grazes, which can get infected. A common infection in horses is mud fever and hot spots and paw infection in dogs. Derma1 is suitable for the cleaning of the damaged skin and for frequent washes as it washes damaged skin gently, moisturises skin, resulting in reduced itching without irritating the surrounding skin. The shampoo’s germ fighting natural essential oils help to prevent and reduce skin damage. Derma1 shampoo softens  hardened skin and scabs, which enhances cleaning the skin as well as healing. Derma1 shampoo can be easily rinsed off. The essential oils in the shampoo make licking of the treated area often uncomfortable for the dogs. Additional help for skin problems can be found in other Derma-portfolio products.

Instructions: Wet the symptomatic skin, massage Derma1 shampoo into the skin and leave for a 3 – 10 minutes, rinse well. Let the skin dry/dry the skin with clean towel prior to massaging Derma2 Calming serum or Derma5 Germ Fighting cream into the skin when necessary. The product comes with a tip applicator facilitating easy and accurate delivery directly to symptomatic areas. Shake before use.

pH ~ 7

Contains no FEI prohibited substances

Storage: +10 – 25°C

RSP: : 100ml – 18€ and 250ml – 26€ (incl. 24% VAT)

Ingredients: Water, Nonionic tensides of Cocos & Maize & Elaeis , Bio-based Glycerin & Lauric acid esters & Pentanediol, Rosemary, Lavender, Mint, Thyme, Xanthan gum


More information in the sections on Skin infections and Allergic skin.

SOLHEDS Derma-products are ecological choice. You can read more about our environment friendly sustainable policy here.

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1 review for Derma1 Skin Care Shampoo

  1. Siobhan

    Great for irritated skin, my dog gets red paws and tummy from all the walks in the muddy and rainy weather, this product cleans beautyfully and doesn’t irritatate.

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