Horse skin care

Skin is animals’ largest organ. It provides mechanical barrier towards external irritants e.g. pathogens. Basic care for healthy skin is proper food and appropriate outdoor exercise.

Correct hygiene for horses includes rooming, water wash of sweat and wash when required. Dirty horse is more prone on skin damage.

Derma4 Gentle shampoo i s suitable for frequent use as it washes hair gently without irritating the skin. Derma4 also moisturises and calms the skin and reduces efficiently dandruff. Derma4 shampoo brings shine and silky softness to hair. The oils also leave natural dirt repelling surface to the hair. The shampoo can be easily rinsed off. The gentle wash is based on plant originated nonionic washing agents.

Reserve time for the wash of your horse. Wet the hair thoroughly and the skin. Apply undiluted to very dirty areas. For normal use shampoo can well be diluted. Apply the shampoo to all hair and to skin. Rinse well all hair and skin. Derma9 luxury shine&care is a perfect product to be used to get your animal ready for any shows or competitions with tanglefree and shiny coat. Derma9 spray is excellent moisturiser for flaky and dry skin e.g. base of mane and tail.

Wet hair and moist skin, specifically under rug, provides excellent growth conditions for unwanted microbes. Take care of that your horses skin gets to dry in wet weather and after wash. For the common skin infections (yeast, mold, bacteria) can following instruction in skin damage be applied.

Skin damage, cuts, grazes, chafes,wounds

Smaller cuts and wounds can often be taken care by homecare/self. Basic care for the smaller wounds is to keep the damaged area clean. The essential oils in Derma1 skin care shampoo purifies the wound area without impairing the surrounding skin. For managing the open wound suits non sting Derma6 wound oil. Derma6 wound oil’s natural essential oils help to alleviate infection and support the renewal of skin with omega-3, -6, -7 and -9 fatty acids. They also provide the necessary moist on wound.

Cuts, where the skin is not broken, can additional help be gained from Derma2 serum. It contains natural essential oils aimed to aid recovery of itchy and inflamed skin. A proper moist balance improves the skin’s elasticity and its tolerance to grazes and other mechanical stress.

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Instructions for the use of Derma products in skin damage