Grooming – hair/tail/mane care

Natural hair, tail and mane care with SOLHEDS products

The oil glands in dogs, cats and horses  secrete fatty acids providing natural shine on their coat. If the animal is healthy and well looked after, these fatty acids naturally provide them with healthy, shiny coat.

Using natural oils can have many benefits and can be effectively used in looking after animal hair/fur. Some oils can penetrate the hair and assist in building and strengthening the hair from the inside. This is different to ingredients that just coat the hair possibly hiding problems. Natural oils also increase the shine on hair/fur and support the hair structure. The current benchmark in providing shine and care to hair is so called Morrocan Oil or Argan oil. Combining natural oils with Argan oil produces an effective detangler for hair and mane. 

Derma9 Luxury shine & care spray provides a protective surface on hair which, unlike silicon based products, is breathable. The thicker the animal’s hair is, the longer it takes to build up this protective layer. Once this protective layer is achieved, it only takes 2 -5 treatments to maintain the luxurious and tangle free shine. In animals with especially matted hair, we recommend  a  treatment consisting of spraying the area for  2-3 consecutive days with Derma9 spray, before trying to comb it. Natural oil based products wear off and can be washed off. It will not block or harm the skin. Best result is achieved using Derma 9 spray on clean and damp hair/tail/mane. The finer and thinner the hair, the less Derma9 spray is required and in fine hair we recommend to use Derma9  on dry hair.

Excellent conditioner for hair is a rinse out Derma15 Lusterious conditioner. Derma15 conditioner supports hair structure, is excellent  for hair care and provides moisture on hair/tale/mane and skin. Prolonging the leave in time  of Derma15, can be effective  as an intensive hair care treatment.  Derma15 facilitates combing hair and  keeping hair tangle free. Combining Derma9 spray and Derma15 conditioner provides natural protection on hair against dirt, snow, tangles and results in  beautiful shiny wellbeing of hair/tale/mane. Extra WOW effect  prior to competitions and shows can be gained with Derma15 conditioner treatment.

Clean hair in itself is beautiful. Wash appropriately as needed with caring   Derma4 Gentle shampoo. Unclean animal is more prone to skin damage. More instructions can be found in Wash of Animal section.
Gorgeous shine around muzzle and eyes and even hooves  is achieved with Derma12 Finishing oil that also cares for the skin.

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Derma9 Luxury shine&care is a skin caring hair, tail and mane conditioner and detangler

Grooming products

Majority of animal care products use silicon as the effective ingredient. The silicons used in animal care are typically of a lower quality than the silicons used in products made for human use. Animal products also use larger amounts of silicon. Silicon’s efficacy is based on it’s ability to provide an unpenetrable surface around hair. This surface has plastic like feel making it easy to untangle hair/fur.
It is easy to test this effect by spraying some of these products on the floor, it will make the floor extremely slippery. To wash away the silicon, strong anion based product is needed eg. Fairy dishwashing liquid. Silicon based care products tend to compound on the used area, the rubbery/plastic like surface can cause skin problems.
Many other substances  used to improve the looks of hair e.g. silk and pearl are foreign  for animals and thus potential allergens.  Many products used in animal care use other harmful ingredients eg. Colouring or bleeches. When using these ingredients , the label should carry a clear warning of their flammability eg. Do not use near open fire. Good rule of thumb when choosing care products is ; Would I use this product on my own skin or hair? If you wouldn’t use it yourself , don’t use it on your animal either.

Information on product safety of animal care products can be found here.


Do not use products that don’t disclose their ingredients list.