Cats and natural products

Cats’ metabolism differs from dogs’ metabolism. Unlike dogs who can break down the compounds in etheric, natural oils in their liver, cats are unable to do so. Most of these etheric oils absorb from bloodstream to liver and as such are poisoneous for cats. If etheric oils are used in cats’ care, the amounts have to be carefully monitored. Through their skin a cat might absorb harmful amounts of these oils, which it isn’t able to break down. When using different brands products containing etheric oils, it is important to check the labels. Unfortunately not all manufacturers or marketeers of animal care products are familiar of the risks associated with use of etheric oils with cats.

From SOLHEDS products, Derma4 Gentle shampoo, Derma9 Luxury Shine & Care, Derma10 Heel Balm, Derma12 Finishing Oil and Derma15 Lusterious conditioner are safe to be used on cats. Caution needs to be used when using  other Derma-products and limit use to  moderate application of these products, in order to avoid exceeding harmful dose of essential oils. If using other than Derma4, Derma7, Derma9 and Derma10, monitor your cat’s condition carefully.  Cats will typically show signs of harmful dose of essential oils ( being absorbed via skin to bloodstream,) by nausea or vomiting. The risk for this in SOLHEDS-products is minimal.

Information on product safety of animal care products can be found here.