Derma 7 Soothing Sun Shield

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Derma 7 Soothing Sun Shield is an efficient sun protection for animals


Derma7 soothing sun shield is for animals. It is made of pure and natural ingredients combined with high UVA and UVB protection filters. Sun Protection Factor +40. Derma7 provides long lasting and effective sun protection with minimal chemical stress on skin. High concentration of aloe vera in Derma7 helps in the healing of sun burned skin. Additional help for skin problems can be found in other Derma-portfolio products.

Instructions: Apply on clean and dry skin. Protect the sun sensitive areas daily. Avoid contact with eyes and mucosae. Help for sun burned skin is found in Derma2 healing serum. Shake before use.

Please note, use sparingly on cats and dogs. Larger amounts of zinc in any brand product, when ingested, are harmful for cats and dogs.

pH ~ 7

Contains no FEI prohibited substances

Storage: +10 – 25°C

RSP: 29€ (incl. 24% VAT)

Ingredients: Water, Flaxseed oil, Cocos Oil esters,  Zinc oxide, Titanium dioxide, Aloe Vera, Rosmarinus, Bio-based Propanediol & Glycerin,  Crambe, rapeseed oil/castor oil based emulsifier, Cellulose & Xanthan Gum, Hydroxyasetophenone


Read also section sun burned skin.

SOLHEDS Derma-products are ecological choice. You can read more about our environment friendly sustainable policy here.

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1 review for Derma 7 Soothing Sun Shield

  1. Megan

    I use this on my Jack Russel’s tummy – she likes to lie on the deck while the sun is out. Works well against sunburn and she doesn’t try to lick it off.

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