Sun burn skin

SOLHEDS natural products in the management of sun burn skin

Derma7 soothing sun shield (SPF +40)provides long lasting sun protection against UVA and UVB radiation of the sun. High concentration of aloe vera in Derma7 helps in the healing of sun burned skin. Apply thin and even layer on clean and dry skin area. Derma2 calming serum is well suited for the sun burned skin. Apply Derma2 on clean and dry sun burned skin. Derma5 Germ Fighting cream is suited for the management of sun burned, hardened skin that has started to peel. Derma5 cream softens and moisturises skin and assists in recovery of damaged skin. Derma7 Soothing sun shield (SPF +40)

  1. Wipe or brush the protected area clean
  2. Shake well the Derma7 bottle
  3. Pour in your hand and spread plenty to the protected area.

Derma7 sun screen provides skin care and long lasting sun protection.

Please note, use sparingly on cats and dogs. Larger amounts, when ingested, are poisenous for cats and dogs. Information on product safety of animal care products can be found here.

Sun protection

The hair of cats, dogs and horses protects their skin from the UVA and UVB radiation of sun. Animals with light colored hair get sun burnt easier than darker colored animals. Light colored animals that are at risk of getting sun burnt, should be covered entirely eg. with a rug and/or avoid direct sun light.

The limited affected skin areas like muzzle, pastern, legs and brand marks can be protected with sunscreen lotion. In northern Europe the recommended Sun Protection Factor should be at least +30, in order to protect the animal from daily sun shine. Using a high SPF is especially important with horses as they can be outside on a pasture 24/7. Protect the skin of your animal early, prior it getting sun burned. Sun burned skin can be very painful and it is a risk factor for skin infections. If unsure, a veterinarian can advice you on the correct treatment for sunburns.

Good sun screen lotion is easily spread, waterproof, protects both from UVA- and UVB radiation and does not leave greasy surface on the skin surface, which would collect dirt. The sun screen lotion of cats, dogs and horses should have pH around 7.