Skin care of hairless pets

Skin care of hairless dogs / cats with SOLHEDS Derma-products

The animals hair/coat is designed to protect it’s skin. Lack of this protective layer makes the animal more vulnerable for skin problems. Keeping the skin clean and maintaining it’s moisture balance will help to keep the skin elastic and problem free. Using clean water is usually enough, occasionally shampooing is needed. Derma4 gentle shampoo  moisturises and calms the skin and reduces efficiently dandruff. Dry the dog thoroughly as wet skin can collect dirt easily. Fatty acids that absorb well will aid in maintaining skin’s correct moisture balance. Avoid heavy oils and creams that attract dirt.
Derma9 Luxury Shine&care moisturises skin and contains easily absorbed fatty acids (omega 3 and 6), that help maintain the skin’s elasticity and will leave a thin, dirt repelling film on it. Wet skin covered in dirt attracting heavy oils or creams can cause skin to break down easily. Hairless skin is more prone to cuts, crazes, which can get infected easily. It is important to look after these cuts and crazes early to prevent skin infections. Derma2 calming serum is designed to be used in care of cuts and crazes.