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Derma10 Heel Balm 150ml & Derma12 Finishing Oil 750ml



Derma10 Heel Balm 150ml & Derma12 Finishing Oil 750ml

Derma10 Heel Balm is a water- free moisturizing cream for the hoof care.  Derma 10 Heel balm, is an intensive treatment balm for management of cracked outer hoof wall.  Derma10 also provides beautiful shine on hooves.

Derma12 Finishing Oil promotes healing and prevention of dry and cracked hoofs without impairing the natural hydration balance while leaving the hooves  really shiny.

Use as needed.

We have deliberately tried to create packaging of Derma10 Heel Balm and Derma12 Finishing Oil, that prevents contaminating the products, eg. No used, dirty brushes should be able to get inside the packaging. This maintains the product integrity and you know that only the product is going on the hooves.

Read more about hoof care.

SOLHEDS Derma-products are ecological choice. You can read more about our environment friendly sustainable policy here.

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