Cleaning dogs’ ears

Ear cleaning instructions with Derma8 Ear Cleaner

Place the nozzle of Derma8 ear cleaner outside the ear canal, above the ear. Squeeze 1-2 mls of the liquid into the earcanal until the earcanal is full. Rub the earlobe gently to optimise the ear rinses effect. Let the dog shake it’s head. Wipe away excess liquid and gently wipe the liquid away from the inner side. The effective ingredients of Derma8 ear cleaner are naturally germ fighting. They assist in the management of ear infection reducing itching and strengthen the skin of the ear. When used as a supplement to medication, please leave a 30 min break after applying the ear rinse before using medication.

The renewed Derma8 Ear Cleaner SENSITIVE has been specifically developed to also be suitable for washing the ears of allergic dogs and problem ears. Suitable for dogs suffering from frequent yeast infections. Derma8 effectively cleans different types of dirt, cerumen and debris from the ears and is also suitable for cleaning the ears of cats.

Information on cleaning dogs’ ears

It is important to check dog’s ears regularly and clean as needed. If the dog’s ears are clean, they do not need any extra care. Symptomatic dog often shakes his head or scracthes it’s ears. Any extra humidity will increase the risk of ear infections – dog’s with long eared are especially suscepitible for these infections.

If your dog’s ears are especially hairy on the inner side of it’s ears, trimming of excess hair might be beneficial in preventing infections. This will improve the ventilation of the skin inside the ears. Ear infections can be often secondary to allergies. A vet will diagnose ear infection and provide instructions on how to treat the infection locally and/or systematically.

Information on product safety of animal care products can be found here.

Dogs’ yeast infection 

Problem ears, frequent ear infections in dogs

Recurrent ear infections are secondary infections, in which case the primary cause of, for example, a yeast infection in the ears of a dog, is something else. More often the underlying primary cause is an allergy. One of the most common causes for ear infections is yeast infections. Often there are also other bacteria in yeast infection. These infections commonly become a chronic problem. Keeping the ears clean is an important preventative factor for dog’s with recurring yeast infections. It is good to clean the ears of a dog with problem ears as needed, even weekly. After bathing and swimming, you should make sure that the ears are dry.If the ears are clean and dry, they are less likely to provide a favorable breeding ground for harmful microbes. Derma8 Ear Cleaner is excellent for washing a dog’s ear impacted by yeast. Derma8 effectively cleans different types of dirt, cerumen and debris from the dog’s ears and helps to prevent inflammation. Derma8 ear cleaner is also suitable for cleaning cats’ ears.

The causes and background factors of yeast infections in dogs should be discussed together with a veterinarian, so that the infections can be controlled in the future and to assess the need for other medication to manage yeast infections.