Animal care products

What should you know about animal care products?

Products developed for animal care are not covered under cosmetic legislation. From legal perspective, animals are classified as things. Animal care products are classified as technical products such as battery fluid . Harmful substances forbidden on human use are allowed to be used in animal care products. Similarly no formal qualifications in cosmetics/animal care or quality control are expected from the manufacturers or marketers of these products. Same applies to the quality control of the ingredients used.

This leaves the market open for interpretations of what qualifies as a high quality care product. This makes the situation very challenging for the consumer.To ensure the most efficient and safest product, consumers should look for these signs:

1) Manufacturer/marketer who can name and provide evidence of product know-how and how to use the product correctly and is able to provide qualifications in this discipline

2) Product labeling lists all ingredients/raw material used, not just a one effective ingredient

3) Product’s effectiveness has evidence base

4) All products list what the product is used for and how to use it correctly

5) All products instructions provide guidelines for amounts needed for correct use

6) All product labels give clear instructions on how to store the products

It is worth noting that human cosmetic products are developed for human pH, which is ~5.5, this differs from animals’ pH ~7 making these products less suitable for animal use, especially in skin problems.

More information on product safety of animal care products can be found here.

When you wish to choose for natural animal care products, please verify that the products contain at least 95% natural derived raw material, which is one of the basic criterias for human ecocertified natural cosmetics. SOLHEDS products fulfill all above mentioned criteria well.