I am Leena Vähä-Erkkilä a carriage driver. I have four ponies in my stable of which number one is “Sami” S.W. Summer’s Dream Prince born in Finland. I have self trained Sami since he was 2 years old to world championship level. Our best achievements are in the Finnish championships bronze 2012, silver 2013. In the 2015 Nordic championships we were in the silver winning team and gained many placements at an international level. The highlight of 2015 was the World championships in Breda, Netherlands where we gained a placement in the driving dressage. In addition to carriage driving Sami also competes in dressage with Milja Ranta. Their best achievements so far are 2011 “Quality Pony” pace championship, qualification to the finals of 6-year old championships in 2012 and many placements at national level.

Sami’s skin problems caught my attention for the first time when he was a two year old. The following summer Sami’s was diagnosed of having summer eczema. We have been using SOLHEDS-product for a few years. SOLHEDS-products enable Sami to focus fully on competing at an international level. His skin and coat, mane and tail are kept in good condition for competitions all year round. Carriage driving is a sweaty sport and I need to wash Sami often and gently due to his summer eczema. In addition to the summer eczema products (specifically Derma2 Serum) my favorite is Derma4 Gentle Shampoo, which leaves Sami’s coat shiny. I appreciate the fact that SOLHEDS products are not only very effective but also Finnish, natural and have no doping limitations.