Jessica “Jessi” Grönlund

I am Jessica “Jessi” Grönlund a 24 year old Finn-horse rider. I started riding when I was 3 years old, initially riding mostly islandic horses prior to moving to the warmblooded dressage horses. However, eventually Finn horses melted my heart. I have two horses, mare Aamun Ihme =Morning miracle(Mambu) and gelding Minimatti = Mini Matt (Masa). I compete with Masa in national competitions at medium level in dressage and in 110cm level in show jumping. Minimatti is, as the name indicates, a small horse, and my objective is to verify his height as under 148 cm. This would classify him as a pony-sized Finn horse.

Mambu competes in show jumping, however, the target in 2016 is to get her pregnant. I have won silver in the 2013 districts championships and gold in 2014 in show jumping. My goal in 2016 with Masa in show jumping is to compete in national level in both open and in Finn horse classes and to qualify into Finn horses’ championships. In dressage my aimt is to compete in national Finn horse classes.

SOLHEDS-product are excellent addition to the wellbeing of a horse. Mambu’s long and thick tail is well groomed shiny and tangle free with Derma9 Luxury Shine&Care. The same product helps to keep Masa’s dry and flakey base of mane in good condition.