I am Arnella Nyman a 24 year old icelandic horse rider. I got into gait riding by accident at the age of 10, when I started to ride with my mother. Already at the age of 11 I wanted to compete. I have won 22 Finnish championships with different horses, and a bronze medal in World championship in four gait combination with Thór från Järsta. With Skardi frá Kvistum I won a bronze medal in world championships and Nordic championship in T.2. The Equestrian Federation of Finland chose me as the role model of the year 2015.

Gait riding with islandic horses is still fairly unknown riding sport in Finland. There are many classes in competitions (four and five gait, tölt and pace). The competition takes place in a 250m long oval shaped ring. In competition different gaits are shown to judges or e.g. in tölt changes of tempo. My favorite is T.2 (tölt) where one lap is ridden in freely chosen tempo, one lap slow tölt. Then follows change of rein and lastly tölt is ridden on a loose rein. Points from 0-10 are given from pace, gait/tempo transitions, form and harmony. 2016 is my second year with stallion Thór från Järsta. My target is to compete in the highest international level.

SOLHEDS-products have been a great help specifically with Skardi’s skin care in the summer time. This is the reason why my favorite product is Derma2 Serum. Thor’s coat, tail and mane are kept shiny with Derma4 Gentle Shampoo and Derma9 Luxury Shine&Care! You can read more about me and my life with horses on my blog: